Masses know who is behind their troubles: Maryam on NA 249 Polls

Maryam - The News Today - TNT

LAHORE: Firing a broadside at the ruling PTI, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Thursday claimed that the “masses know who exactly is responsible for their troubles and woes”.

“I have said it earlier and I will say it again, Imran Khan and PTI will not be able to campaign and if they do, this is how they will be welcomed,” Maryam commented, after former journalist Talat Hussain shared a video of PTI candidate for NA-249 Amjad Afridi being heckled by voters of the constituency.

Maryam claimed that the PTI MNAs and MPAs see this coming and this is why “splinter and pressure groups” were emerging in the ruling party.

Maryam’s tweet came as her party candidate former finance minister Miftah Ismail took a lead according to the unofficial results reported in NA-249 by-election.

At the time this report was filed, Ismail was in the lead with 2,778 votes as per the unofficial results of 59 out of 249 polling stations.

PPP candidate Abdul Qadir Mandokhel was in second with 2,724 votes, while candidate for banned TLP Nazeer Ahmed was in third with 2,343 votes. PSP Chairman Mustafa Kamal was in third place with 1,978 votes, MQM’s Hafiz Muhammad Mursaleen was fourth with 1,653 votes and PTI in fifth place with 1,443 votes.

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