Minorities In Pakistan

Yukh!. What a pathetic display of a class.

Yes, this is the image that relates to the word “Esaai”, which means Christian in English. It is colloquial in Pakistan to ask for a ‘eesai’ when you need someone to deal with your filthy gutter.

How interesting is our mind! It helps us visualise every word that we know. ‘Elephant’ brings up an image in our heads. So does the word ‘kutta’. Our minds work like Google. Or should I say, Google tries to imitate our minds. The developers at Google Inc. constantly thrive to develop an algorithm that makes the search engine work exactly like the human mind, as much as possible.


(Why Trump’s image appears when we search ‘idiot’)

Researchers believe that our minds relate images to words depending upon the words that were used more frequently for the images. This is called mental imagery or associative learning. Kids are taught words with pictures. We are hardwired to learn better and more with pictionaries and multimedia.

That being true saddens me.

Beautiful Girl makes us think of someone like this

What about the word EESAAI… Does this image come to our mind?

The word ‘onion’ brings this sort of an image to our minds.

Or does the word ‘eesain’ (christian lady) make you think of your maid?

Though, we take pride in Jinnah‘s words and ideology – that all shall be free and equal for the state – we do not actually believe in it.


The story of Shafiq Masih, everyone must listen to him! #sweepersareourheroes

They may not be Muslims, but they still are human beings.

We are hypocrites, sadly.

We disgust the Hindu inequalitiesethnicity, and whatnot. But, our majority feels uncomfortable in sharing meals with Pakistani Christians. Do we really think of them as equals? Don’t we despise them even idiomatically? “Why aren’t you eating with her, she’s not Christian. Is she?

Joyce was kind enough to share her bitter experiences.

I told my mother that we should give a Muslim name to my infant brother. Some of my teachers were rather hateful towards me. My class fellows would stop talking to me, let alone sharing the same glass with me, once they knew Joyce was not a Muslim name.”

I have had numerous beautiful Muslim friends, too. But yes, being Christian is somewhat a crime among Muslims,” she added.

Let us not blame it on Islam please.

If a Christian is a white male or female from Hollywood, even our prime ministers stand in line to put their jackets on the mud for them.

We are socially and morally diminishing. Let us contemplate on this and respect our fellows as equals for the state.

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