My Journey To “Adeel The Tourist”

About a year ago I remember playing cards with my friends in USA. My social circle comprised of people from many different places like India, USA, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

During the game, many discussions like Indian and international politics took place along with giggles and laughter. We were having a great time.

After a while we all opened up discussion about the infrastructure of our countries from where we belong to. India, Bangladesh all was being discussed. When Pakistan’s turn came, even my friends who lived in Pakistan had nothing postie to tell about their country.

In other words, what they spoke was a bitter reality. We Karachi residents are used to living near garbage where most of the areas are devoid of proper roads and drainage system and bridges. You might have heard from many people that from the past few years many Pakistani have shifted to other countries.

And whenever they speak about their native country, they term it as a “backward estate”. They try their best to prove that they left the country because it’s system doesn’t suite them.

If you look closer, those are the same people who work for Pakistan’s government offices. They just visit Pakistan for a short period, and in return, receive a huge amount of pay.

Their salaries are directed into their countries of resident whether it is USA, UK or Canada. Then they say that Pakistan is full of corruption when they themselves are violating the law. Now is it system’s fault or Pakistan’s? God knows.

While discussing all this amid out card game, I realized that we are portraying the wrong image of Pakistan. We forget how people enjoy our cultured street food, and everything. In all this, media has an important role to play.

The idea strike my mind that I would come up with a plan to show Pakistan’s street view to the world. I tried to convince my friends that Karachi is one of the most expensive real estate cities in the world but they were not ready to believe me.

That was why I created a YouTube channel in which I am showing the streets of different places around the globe not just Pakistan. We are currently running a campaign under the name “Pakistan tour in 365 days”.

I have been doing this although I had zero expertise in video editing, blogging but still I am getting up to people’s mark as nothing is impossible. It has been achieved after much hard work.

My YouTube channel is “adeel the tourist”, please do not forget to visit and subscribe my channel!

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