NCOC team inspects vaccination status at Rawalpindi Railway Station

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RAWALPINDI: A team of the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) along with Pakistan Railways Administration visited Rawalpindi Railway Station to check compliance of obligatory vaccination status.

The NCOC team and Railways Admin along with Railway police inspected the vaccination status of the staff, Qulis and passengers at the Rawalpindi Railway Station.


The inspection teams also checked the vaccination status of passengers who were sitting within the trains of different routes at station.

The entire Railway staff performing duties and passengers who were travelling through train were found fully vaccinated.

The team also checked the vaccination certificates of the staff of guest houses of Pakistan Railways and found them fully vaccinated.

Pakistan Railways had made strict arrangements for its staff and passengers vaccination.

PR was not issuing tickets to unvaccinated persons, the Railway official informed the NCOC team.

Later, the NCOC team along with Rawalpindi City Magistrate visited several markets of Saddar Bazar and sealed various shops, and imposed heavy fines on coronavirus SOPs violators, and unvaccinated individuals.

The team also detained dozens of shop owner, and lodged an FIR against them for facilitating unvaccinated customers.

The NCOC team and civic administration checked the vaccination certificates of the staff of several clothing, shops, other shops, and hotels, restaurants and tea cafes and took action against violators.

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