NIFTH launches art project themed as Compassionate Women: Kindness in Action

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ISLAMABAD: National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (NIFTH), Islamabad, in collaboration with foreign and Pakistani artists has started to receive entries for recently launched art project themed as “Compassionate Women: Kindness in Action” that will also include compassionate men who have impacted women positively.

All are welcome to enter, with all forms of visual arts/mediums being accepted such as paintings, drawings, photographs, audio-visual, poems and short articles.


The open date for entries commenced on July 30th 2021 with the closing date being 30th November 2021. The international digital exhibition will commence from 7th December 2021 until 7th January 2022, after which a rotational physical exhibition on prestigious Pakistani platforms would be hosted in March 2022.

Anum Farooq, a British-based educationist-cum- Artist and one of the initiators of the project states that idea for this art project came from reading the news, and really thinking about her own personal experience as a woman in Pakistan, and providing a platform to allow the Pakistani public to express themselves through art.

“Kindness touches everyone, and I thought it would be great to explore the meaningful impact of compassion in transforming women’s destinies for the better.”

NIFTH would facilitate the project for portraying real picture of traditions in Pakistan and would explore real women in compassion.

This project is an opportunity for the women of the nation to have a conversation through art about their experiences on a global arena. The impact of acts of compassion that they have areceived or given. What change it brought about in their lives or of others? How did they empower themselves and others through compassion?

Furthermore, this art project is unique and innovative in terms of being a global digital exhibition, connecting cultures and people across borders, with Pakistan at the forefront of the cultural art conversations.

The Pakistani traditions and culture offer values essential for harmonious society and keep women in high esteem as well.

The purpose of the project is to present a balanced view of Pakistani society and also give some insight into folk and traditional culture pertaining to women in compassion, their status and role in Pakistani society.

Artwork from across the globe has already been submitted with artists from Belgium, UAE, Romania, Slovenia, France and the United States contributing, and further international submissions anticipated.

International and local exhibiting artists will be receiving a certificate of recognition from NIFTH. We are really looking forward to seeing the positive impact of this cultural zeitgeist.

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