Normalize Simple Weddings After Quarantine

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By Nehal Fatima Arbab

“The most blessed wedding is the one with least expenses” -Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)Tying knot never got rescheduled because of the pandemic crisis. But the enhancement in big fat weddings makes us speculate to start normalizing simple weddings after quarantine too.

COVID-19 certainly was a big crusher for the intended elements in the year 2020 particularly wedding events. During this situation, Pakistanis agreed to imitate the simple wedding with exclusive guests, which was used to be regular back in the time.

We’ve been always following the footsteps of the prominent faces of Pakistan, and when we comprehend and adored our celebrities organizing their big day with simplicity and elegance just by following SOPs and curbed guest list than the 90% of the population start pursuing it.

People almost all around the world are stimulating the simple wedding sensation which is a new optimistic thing in this epidemic. They are admired by everyone for taking a massive effort to cut down the allowance of their fairytale marriage and to follow the simplicity and they have realized that the smaller weddings are amusing too, of course in a various expression but it is incredible to have a limited people, great food and all the entertainment just with them who are truly delighted to be there for you.

The simple wedding trend in the media industry was greeted by Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar who tied their knot with close friends and family back in 2019. After that many celebrities obeyed their path and initiated a little enhancement in the culture of weddings.

People were admiring them for orchestrating the least costly wedding in which Naimal was wearing her mother’s wedding dress, no expensive jewelry, and none imperial functions in a row. The elegancy of that wedding made people’s hopes for their wedding as ideal as Hamza and Naimal’s wedding. This kind of wedding culture requires to be on-trend.

Big fat expensive weddings have been a social issue for a, particularly long time. Excessive expenses on food, wardrobe, and ornament were never worth it. People need to realize the vision of simple weddings and how it is enlightened in the Islamic point of view. The fortune could be redeemed and utilized for the generosity, which can also be an ecstatic start of newlywed couples. Likewise, that money can be saved for a destination vacation which can make the newlywed pair joyous.

People need to understand islamic point of view about wedding.

Expensive wedding events have constantly been a braggart about how prosperous the household is merely by throwing off money literally on anything. Because of such weddings, people begin anticipating more and more for their wedding day. The pressure of dowry plus the burden of a great grand wedding can be aggravating and stretching for the day on which one can be worried instead of celebrating the wonderful instants of their life.

The perspective of the people is formulated by contemplating such aspects which will make them foresee stuff like these in substantial life. In this, the media industry has played an unfavorable role by exhibiting such fancy expensive weddings in the movies and dramas that put the audience into the situation of preferring nothing trivial for their selves.

If we have to alter these mindsets of the people, then we should perhaps start broadening simpler and smaller wedding events with the integrity of pleasure and wonderful moments. This can blow the audience ultimately that reducing the allotment low won’t influence the entertainment and elegance of the wedding.

After the Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan’s wedding, the viewpoint of people got on very high because of the illustration they subsisted setting for the people. They assembled and organized 9 to 10 vast functions of their fairy tale wedding which was a massive tide of braggadocio. Pakistanis commenced expecting such kind of fairytales in real life which came to be agony for households who hard-earn their whole life and have to spend all their fortune on their children’s marriage without even thinking about the other expenses they have.

Desi wedding has perpetually been the most fascinating cultural event that we all cherish to admire but due to such a burden, one can only stress about Are the visitors happy? Did we organize everything flawlessly? Why are desi people foreseeing such a costly wedding without sure getting anxious about the budget? A wedding is remembered as a wonderful bonding between two individuals who are going to become a family and partners for life, with their close ones or with their close family and friends.

The show offing about whose wedding was bigger and tremendous has exploited an unfavorable position in our nation. This is impacting on those who can’t even have the money for such type of wedding, but the substantial issue is that people still wanting them to hurl a huge bunch of functions which are frivolity but manure of time and money, just an exhibition for the elite class to show off their jewelry and costly attires.

The solely favorable thing this COVID-19 brings into our life is that how beneficial simple weddings are mentally and physically. This is assisting a lot of families and also inducing the young generation that how fascinating is this to spend your big day with the people who certainly care about you.

Covid-19 has helped us to realize how beneficial simple weddings are.

Desi weddings are all about ‘Hallah Gullah’ music, mehndi,  dance, and good food. And these things can be still glimpsed effortlessly for example small dholki at home and simple Nikkah agreement with your loved ones.

Expensive weddings are giving rise to a pessimistic impact on our society. They are compelling us to expect more and more. But the vicious reality is no one wishes to waste their entire prosperity on just one wedding. The families retain to think about their odds, schooling, and habitation expenditures. After a luxurious wedding and excessive guests, someone will however be upset about the food or the respect they didn’t get during the whole busy event or anything else. People occasionally don’t mind about who the bride and groom are. They accompany the wedding for food and enjoyment.

The outcomes of costly weddings can comprise all the loans you take for the huge event, the food you waste, and numerous extra things. When one can make all these things worth it and arrange a simple wedding and save money. The money that could be utilized in several ways which can evolve valuable for the newlyweds. They can utilize that money to spend on touring or purchase a new house or a new automobile that would be more profitable and valuable for them rather of expending the whole wealth on just 2-day event for the excessive people that are not actually going to comprehend the effort you’ve arranged to make this event big and luxurious.

The other benefit of simple weddings will be that the families of both the bride and groom will suffer from slighter stress of how much money to spend on a wedding. The event of the wedding will eventually be a beautiful and considerably memorable day whether it is modest or not, but the quality over quantity will formulate it extraordinary just because the occasion was happened encircled by the people who oversee your happiness.

A wedding should not be a burden upon anyone. It is a blessing from the Almighty, and one should spend it as a blessing. It is a journey for two people to commence a new chapter of life with each other, not an exhibition to act up what they have. Smaller weddings make people less stressed about things and make them concentrate on the existing wonderful eternities which are going on in front of them.

During the pandemic situation, many celebrities have tied their knot in simplicity and refinement and the audience is following them. More than regular wedding events took place in this quarantine, it means the people of Pakistan are appreciating and stimulating the new culture of simple confidential weddings with their close ones. (Edited by Mamoona Shakoor) 

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