Pakistan Academy of Letters honours writers, poets

ISLAMABAD: In recognition of his lifetime literary services, the Kamal-e-Fan Award committee has nominated Munir Ahmad Badini, a prominent Pakistani writer, novelist and writer from Balochistan, for the country’s highest literary award “Kamal-e-Fan Award 2018”.

Dr. Yousuf Kushk, Chairman Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) announced Rs 5 million in cash to writers for “Kamal Fan Award 2018” and “National Literary Award 2018” in a press conference after an online meeting of the Kamal Fan award committee.

The panel of judges included known writers and scholars; Masood Ashar, Prof. Dr. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, Noor ul Huda Shah, Prof. Dr. Rauf Parekh, QazyJaved, Dr. Nasrullah Khan Nasir, Muhammad Ayub Baloch, Noor Muhammad Khan Hasni, Dr. Salma Shaheen, Nasir Ali Syed, Muhammad Hasan Hasrat and Haris Khalique.

Kamal-e-Fun Award is the highest literary award in the field of literature for recognition of a lifetime’s achievement in creative and research work.

The amount of this award is Rs.1,000,000.  Dr. Yousuf Khushk, Chairman, PAL has also announced the National Literary Award for the year 2018, given on the best literary books written during the year in Urdu and other Pakistani languages in a Press Conference.

According to the decision of the different panels of Judges for each award for Urdu Prose Saadat Hasan Manto Award (Creative Literature) is given to Hasan Manzar’s book “Jhijak”, Baba-i-Urdu Molvi Abdul Haq Award (Criticism & Research) is given to Dr. Tahseen Firaqui’s book “Nikat”, for Urdu Poetry Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal Award, is given to Zahera Nigahon on “Gul-e- Chandni”, Syed Waris Shah Award (Punjabi Poetry) is given to Rai Muhammad Khan Nasir’s book “Hadak”, for Afzal Ahsan Randhawa Award (Punjabi Prose) is given to Ahmad Shahbaz Khawar’s book Ghunnu, for Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai Award (Sindhi Poetry) is given to Wafa Nathan Shahi’s book “Aayo Jhol Bhare” for Mirza Qaleech Baig Award (Sindhi Prose) is given to Zaib Sindhion’s book “Äakhri Manhoo”, for Khushhal Khan Khattak Award (Pushto Poetry) is given to Afrasiab Khattak’s book “Nawe Tegh”, for Muhammad Ajmal Khan Khattak Award (Pushto Prose) is given to Dr. Qazi Hanif Ullah Hanif;s book “Pashto Shairi Ke Sainsi Shaoor O Izhar”, for Mast Tawakli Award (Balochi Poetry) is given to Inayatullah Qaumion’s book “Biya Kapoot Vish Na Lagen”for Syed Zahoor Shah Hashmi Award (Balochi Prose) is given to Akbar Barakzaion’s book “Zaban Zanti-u-Balochi Zaban Zanti”, for Khwaja Ghulam Fareed Award (Seraiki Poetry) is given to Muhammad Zaheer Ahmad’s book “Alla”, for Dr. Maher Abdul Haq Award (Seraiki Prose) is given to Hafeez Khan’s book “Adh Adhoore Lok”, for Taj Muhammad Tajal Award (Brahui Poetry) is given to Syed Ali Muhammad Shah Hashmi’s book “Khushboo Na Safar” for Ghulam Nabi Rahi Award (Brahui Prose) is given to Imran Fareeqon’s book “Aeno Hum Khuda Khushe”, for Saeen Ahmad Ali Award (Hindko Poetry) is given to Syed Saeed Gilani’s book “Pepul Vitere”, for Khatir Ghaznavi Award (Hindko Prose) is given to Nazeer Bhatti’s book “Sham-e-Alam”, for Pitras Bukhari Award (English Prose) is given to Fatima Bhutto’s book “The Run Aways”, for Daud Kamal Award (English Poetry) is given to Sara Javed’s Book “Meraki” for Translation Muhamamd Hasan Askari Award is given to Naseem Ahmad / Dr. Iqbal Afaqi on their translation “Falsafa-e-Tareekh”. The Award money Rs. 200,000/- will be given to each Award winner for the National Literary Award 2018.

Chairman PAL said that writers think only for humanity beyond religion, race, language and region. There will be no prejudice in real writing and no society in the world can truly be called honorable unless it values the creativity.

He said PAL will continue to acknowledge the services of the writers of the country and every year there will be a series of awards for the best books written in Pakistani languages.

He said that PAL under Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training and National Heritage and Culture Shafqat Mehmood and Federal Secretary National Heritage and Culture Inamullah Khan will prepare the “Hall of Fame”, “Literary Museum of Pakistani Languages” in the PAL.

In addition, work is underway for the organising Pak-Turkish Literary Festival and International Conference in collaboration with the China Writers Forum.

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