PTI Makes Half Century


Before even completing its two years in the government, the cabinet reshuffle by the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has sent shockwaves across the political landscape of the country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan scores half century of his cabinet team. With 27 federal ministers, four ministers of state, five advisers and 14 special assistants now the cabinet size has come to 50.

Before coming into power, the PTI and Prime Minister Imran Khan have been vowing for small cabinet but like other governments, he too ended up with a big one.

Although many even from with the PTI criticise the growing number of un-elected advisers and special assistant in the cabinet, this was reflected in the PTI’s commitments. Like its other promises of debt free Pakistan, resolving water crisis, better system of justice, betterment of educational and health sectors, bounteous judiciary etc, this promise also seems inoperable.

Mr Khan never got tired while criticizing large number of cabinet members when it was PML-N government, now when it comes to his own cabinet he is surpassing the past governments.

Masses voted for him due to his claims he made but now when it is time for execution of his promises, his cabinet members are indulged in argle-bargle with the opposition party members.

Before he came to power, for Imran Khan large number of cabinet members was nothing more than extra burden on country’s economy but now when the same question is asked from incumbent cabinet members their replies are quite catchy; change of field comes under captain’s cognoscente. He can change field for betterment of society, they say.

The question is if huge sized cabinets of previous governments were a burden on national exchequer how is it beneficial now. This is quite sophisticated philosophy!

Mr. Khan can’t make the masses fool by reshuffling cabinet members , people are now much aware.

One of his famous quote when he was in opposition, was that large number of cabinet members means Prime minister is unable to formulate and execute any policy by its own, so now if we’ll compare the number of cabinet members of PTI and PML-N does same question not apply on him.

The PTI had promised to give cabinet of leaders to ensure the implementation of its agenda of change. Giving its 100-day plan, the PTI government had said; Any agenda, no matter how good on paper, will only have impact if implemented well. Implementing change in government is messy, hard work that requires resolve, capability, as well as constant learning and adaptation. Our grievous limits no bounds while we come to know that these all were only a part of political agenda, nothing else!. – (Edited by Tahir M. Niaz)

(The Writer is a student of International Relations at National University of Modern Languages  Islamabad. He can be reached )

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