Rawalpindi police in a swift action recovers seven-year boy from kidnapper

RAWALPINDI : While the role of police usually remains in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, there are quite a few instances signifying remarkable professionalism on part of police force that help build the image of police as a professional, dedicated, courageous and disciplined organization.

One such instance involves the role of Rawalpindi Police in recovering a child from the possession of a kidnapper and apprehending the culprit in what can be described as a classic tale of competence and commitment demonstrated by the police.

On Wednesday, the Rawalpindi Police recovered a seven-year old boy who was kidnapped for ransom. Police tracked down the culprit, the very same day, just a few hours after the incident was reported to them.

Little did Ahmed know that worse lied in store for him when he stepped out of the house to visit a nearby grocery store to fetch some sweets. The minor, was abducted from outside his house located at street number seven in Anwar Colony, Shakrial, a peripheral area that falls in the jurisdiction of Sadiqabad police station, at around 2 pm on Wednesday.

Soon after the incident, the boy’s family started receiving phone calls from anonymous numbers demanding ransom for the release of the child. Panicked, the family approached the Sadiqabad police station for the recovery of the child.

City Police Officer (CPO) Rawalpindi Ahsan Younas immediately swung into action. Not only did he take notice of the incident but also directed the police officials concerned to take speedy action for the safe recovery of the child and arrest of the culprit.

The police knew it was their race against time and any mistake could cost them dearly. The life of the boy was in grave danger and there was no room for error. The police devised its strategy accordingly.

Acting very cautiously yet speedily, the police planned its moves very silently. Had the kidnapper get any clue that police was trying to reach out to him, things could have turned ugly. Pretty much ugly.

Using scientific technology, the police traced the phone calls and identified the location of the caller who was operating from Rawalpindi. By Wednesday evening, a police party, after determining  the exact location of the hideout of the kidnapper, raided the said area and arrested the culprit. The boy was recovered and was safe and sound, reunited with his family. Before dusk, the boy was back in his home.

The boy’s family has thanked the CPO Rawalpindi, Superintendent of Police (SP) Rawal Division Rai Mazhar Iqbal and other police officials concerned including Station House Officer (SHO) Sadiqabad for their timely action that helped save the life of the child and led to the arrest of the culprits.

“It was a nightmare for us. Thank god it is over,” said Shagufta, the child’s mother. “We don’t have words to thank the police for what they did. Only Allah will reward them,” she added. “Had it not been for the timely action by the police, my son would not be here.”

The CPO has appreciated the police’s performance in the case and resolved that Rawalpindi Police would continue to exercise zero tolerance towards the criminal elements and take effective steps for the prevention and eradication of crimes. The culprit would be proceeded against as per the law, he said.

Editor’s note: Real name and picture of the child is not given in the story

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