Rise in street crime after 2022 floods

We cannot mix the criminals and the real needy. If the citizens would witness such acts, how would this foster faith in humanity in case of any natural disaster in future? 

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For the residents of rural Sindh, Parts of Balochistan, South Punjab, Swat, and many other impoverished areas, unusually high rains this monsoon caused great destruction.

Floods brought on by the severe rains forced millions of people to become homeless. In addition to lives, they lost their possessions, land, homes, and other amenities. The flood put many of the victims to different socio-economic risks.


However, this year was noted as being the most challenging due to the flood. Following COVID’19, the primary recovery wasn’t even finished, and the political drama continued, significantly harming the well-being of people of Pakistan.

Let’s look at the terrible conditions flood victims are still facing. The question is, how will they live, who will assist them, and how can they escape their suffering? The waterborne sickness that became the main reason for individuals losing their lives during the floods was one of many problems that the residents of less developed areas had to deal with at the time.

The flood victims initially struggled to survive their circumstances fighting all odds. The charitable citizens of Pakistan immediately began collecting donations to aid those folks when the news broke. Although we as a nation could never make up for what they lost in that terrible scenario, it was difficult to assist every single flood victim due to the scale of the tragedy.

However, the generous Pakistanis began giving what little they had, and we witnessed significant donations.

Some victims complained about unfair distribution. Infact people supported the victims with open hearts and full hands, but some have called an eye wash. Additionally, people from other countries also assisted.

There have been reports about a significant increase in street crime and that the perpetrators are coming from various rural areas in the guise of flood victims, committing all kinds of street crimes in big cities.

The most likely result of the disastrous flood was that the victims, who had lost all they had ever owned, would go to developed cities to support their daily expenses and survival.

However, if it is endangering the safety of citizens as we have seen not only increase in robberies but also murders, kidnappings, and other heinous crimes. The inhabitants of Karachi experience daily cellphones and money snatching, and armed robberies contributing to the city’s unsafe environment.

We cannot mix the criminals and the real needy. If the citizens would witness such acts, how would this foster faith in humanity in case of any natural disaster in future?

Shelter for the homeless and a monthly stipend for their essential expenses can be an answer to this problem for the really deserving.

They will have a reliable source of additional cash, which could reduce the prevalence of street crime, if someone is forced to commit crime due to abject poverty.


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