Self-Defense Classes In Educational Institutions


After witnessing such horrible incidents in the country, many people have made up their minds that this country is not safe for women and children. In many of these horrifying incidents the victims never asked for justice nor the country provided them justice.

In the past few years, the people of Pakistan have witnessed a lot of rape, murder, and harassment cases. Many families have lost their beloved daughters, wives, and sisters.


After such a horrifying history of rape culture in Pakistan, the people have come up with the term of self-defense. This is clear that no one ever is going to help you in such horrifying situations and no one is going to help you get out of such trauma unless you help yourself.

Self-defense has become a basic life skill or requirement in human life. Kids and women should especially learn the techniques and skills to keep themselves safe. At least they should do something in situations like these to help themselves. Self-defense classes should be mandatory in every educational institute where the women and kids can learn to protect themselves against rapists and murderers.

The introduction of self-defense classes in educational institutes of Pakistan will bring up a huge change in society. The change can be brought up by one person. Any of the women who used such techniques against rapists or just saved herself at the moment will be counted as a winner.

Some institutions teach self-defense but not everyone can afford it. Self-defense classes should be mandatory for every age group and every educational institute. Making it compulsory will bring up a change in society.

Self-defense classes should be considered as important as our academic classes. The professional learning of this skill can help several young lives. Women and kids must know how to protect themselves. This innovation can bring a change in society and it is going to help the victims who have gone through such incidents to channel their anger into something positive and important to learn.

The most important aspect of self-defense training is to prepare your mind and body to react to sudden attacks. The training is misunderstood for fighting back or teaching fighting skills but self-defense is to get out of the situation by engaging the attacker via some technique or skill and then run for your life. Because the training is for all age people, it is not for the strong ones but for the weak ones to learn the technique and apply it when needed.

A recent publication reported that there has been an alarming 200% rise in cases of violence against women in Pakistan in the year 2020. This highlights the need to introduce self-defense classes on a mandatory basis in every institution so that women and children can become the protector of their selves where other people cant protect them. It would be a successful change in the country full of victims of rape and harassment and it would be a rise of hope for women and children in Pakistan.


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