Seven people dressed in Punjab Police uniforms rob a house in Lahore

LAHORE: Seven people dressed in Punjab Police uniforms in an unprecedented incident robbed a house in Lahore.

The incident that occurred in the vicinity of Hadyara on Friday, seven people dressed in Punjab police uniforms burgled a house and escaped without a hitch.

According to details, the individuals have stolen jewellery from the house worth Rs3.5 million along with cash and motorcycles.

The residents have registered a complaint of the incident in the local police station and a formal case has been registered on the matter.

A man allegedly involved in misbehaving and manhandling a traffic police official was put behind bars in Lahore on March 18.

A case was also registered against the accused at the Anarkali police station on behalf of a traffic warden Inspector Kamran Bokhari.

According to the traffic inspector, the accused filmed him and other staffers soon after he got hold of his documents that were given to him after paying a challan fee.

With input from INP

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