Sophia Mirza’s daughters willingly living with father

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DUBAI: Daughters of Sophia Mirza have said that their mother, who is only after money, is making “fake problems” to get attention and publicity whereas they are living happily with their father in Dubai.

Talking to some media organization, the girls said that they are living comfortably and happily in Dubai with their father and claimed that their mother is spreading fake news just to get attention as her career is finished.


They further clarified that no one is forcing them to issue this statement and that they are saying all this themselves because they want to live with their father not mother.

One of her daughter also revealed that Sophia Mirza asked them to get their passport and comeback to Pakistan but she started ignoring their texts when they refused and instead asked her to visit them in Dubai.

She further said that Sophia Mirza visited Dubai in 2017 but still did not meet them and went back to Pakistan after completing her modelling assignment.

Earlier, court documents revealed that Sophia Mirza ran a vindictive campaign against her former husband and Dubai-based Pakistani-Norwegian businessman Umar Farooq Zahoor. Sofia Mirza in connivance with former Advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan Mirza Shahzad Akbar ran a campaign against Umar Farooq Zahoor. Akbar used Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for malicious campaign against the businessman as a case was registered against Umar Farooq on Akbar’s directions.

Sophia Mirza filed a complaint with the FIA Lahore Corporate Circle, claiming her husband was involved in fraud and money laundering.

The documents also revealed that the FIA lied to the International Criminal Police Organisation to take action against the businessman, whereas, the courts in three countries acquitted Umar Farooq after not finding him guilty of all charges.

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