TNT’s Citizen Journalism Initiative for Students and Amateur Writers 

As part of our citizen journalism initiative, The New Today provides common citizens and students platform to write on topics of their choice.

Our Platform is For Everyone:

We have a wide range of contributors writing for us. Many known names of journalism, teachers, and authors are part of TNT team.

For accomplished bloggers and creative writers, we follow payment model of PAPC i.e. Pay As Per Clicks just like Express Tribune etc. and few others do.

Under this model, a small cash incentive followed by an appreciation letter/certificate is given to those bloggers every month whose posts receive the highest number of reads.

How to Increase Your Readership:

The contributors can increase the number of unique viewers/readers to their published blogs by:

Sharing the link of the original post on their social media handles

Asking people to comment on the original article being published on the website

Regular sending a submission to us helps the bloggers in building up their readership.

The Minimum You Achieve:

For regular contributors, bloggers and creative writers with good number of reads to their posts, we develop their separate page/profile on our website which they can use in their CV/Resumes, profiles etc.

Together with appreciation, it eventually becomes the proof that they are published writers at The News Today a credible online platform. This also develops profile and credibility of the writers as well.

What to Write:

There are various forms of writing. You can initially start with blog writing as it allows to play with words without any restrictions.

You need to first of all decide that in which language do you intend to communicate your message? It can Urdu, English or even any regional language too. (We are initially accommodating write-ups in English only).

Next comes the target audience. Well, in blog writing, the people are relatively open to wider and diverse topics so, that goes in the favour of the writer.

Next is the selection of topic. Start writing on the topics that are close to your heart or that goes with your nature. E.g., if you are movie freak or feel pain about social issues, pick any thing and start jotting down your thoughts.

Once done with write up, please give it a read by:

Removing grammatical errors

Simplifying longer sentences

Adding a catchy title

Critically evaluating the piece by questioning yourself that is it really communicating what you wanted to communicate.

Please do not forget to send us your brief profile and contact information.

Some Writing Tips for Beginners:

For the beginning, google about ‘writing prompts’. They are basically small sentences or paragraph and one is supposed to complete them by continuing the story/article. So, that can be a good exercise.

Next, download some vocabulary building application in your mobile and learn 3 new words with their usage daily. To further strength the learning, create a situation and use those words in your FB statues, conversations or writing pieces.

About writing techniques, you may start with a simple essay writing format. A typical essay comprise 5 to 6 paragraphs i.e., introductory paragraph, connecting paragraphs and conclusion.

Writer is ideally supposed to announce his or her topic in the last sentence of introductory paragraph. Then, in the connecting/supporting paragraphs, build upon your argument further by giving details, quoting examples, stating facts, referring to some incidents etc.

Also, continuing practice and never giving up is the key. We all have started somewhere in our lives from scratch and there is always a ‘first time’.

Install app Flipboard in your mobile, read how the other authors are articulating their message and START WRITING.

Writing helps a person in gazillion different yet positive ways.

Send your write-ups at following mail ids:

Using Contact Us:

You can also click on “Contact Us” icon at the footer of our website ( and fill up the relevant section. Please make sure you send an alert mail at after sending your post through relevant section in Contact Us pages.

TNT to promote citizen journalism


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