As I sat back and observed feminism for decades, its slogans have only brought intrusive thoughts within me.

Hearing the voices raised in their favor, crying for equality, determining their self-worth and asking for rights has been going on forever.

Despite of not having any issues myself, I have always wondered if this is the right thing to do for my fellow sisters.

I believe an observer is like a hawk as it holds back and observes its target and everything in the surrounding until it reaches it. Without even going forward with what I had intended, all the campaigns, marches and slogans were reflecting in my mind.

What were they asking for? Money, equality, justice, freedom or some other gains? And even if so, why were their voices not effective? In my opinion, something was missing and it was simply the ability to sit back and observe what is wrong with their slogans.

Unfortunately, no one but themselves are the core reason for this. Listening to issues like “being given the same amount of food as their brothers”, “being able to walk freely on roads without being gazed at”, “roaming out thinking that someone would not harass them”, “speaking loudly and not being judged”, “having the permission to attend late night parties” and “not being judged at almost whatever they do”, makes me want to make a mockery out of all their wasted efforts.

However, feminism is not a simple word to be digested by people who are unaware of the ground reality. It is an advocacy of being who you are and this is not in the hands of any man to decide, but you.

Feminism is not becoming like a man, it is showing the true glory of your own gender. It is not a mere talk of being able to eat the same share of food, but it is creating the need of how to earn and bring food.

Feminism is not about partying hard, it is telling what not to party about. Feminism is not hating men, but it is making them understand your worth. It is not polishing the stains you had in your head decades ago, but it is removing those stains by understanding the very reason of this word itself.

The mother of feminists, Gloria describes feminism as, “It’s not about raising daughters like sons, but sons more like daughters”. This line contradicts all of the issues today’s feminists have been passing on and all the misunderstandings they have been carrying on to the youth.

There have been several men feminists who played their roles more wisely than the people raising propagandas like finding a reason to look down on men. This ideology needs to be carried as a trait to all those women who can really grasp the definition of being a “feminist”. Gloria stated, “Women maybe the group that grows more radical with age” by which she passes the message to be a woman who matures, understands, grooms herself, learns and observes.

It is to smile back and be a decent human being. It is to be following all those things that have remained ignored and ignoring all those unessential things that have led to this chaos between men and women.

But it is unfortunate to witness that what we are involved in is just a word parade, unless one steps up and defines the true meaning behind the words. Perhaps, if shouting back is thought to be feminism then no word has fallen lower than this word.

My dear feminists,

Trusting your worth is what makes you bloom. Bursting bubbles of others does nothing, but raise concerns and shall never end until your numbers fall to one or less. Feminism is the right of eating, not judging the excess of food on the plate of the second person and realizing what is yours to own is better for you.

It is not raising the pitch of your voice, but deepening your arguments. It is being brave to laugh with tears, not yelling back because all it does is make a mockery out of you. Feminists are welcoming in nature, advising the world and passing this talent to the coming generations until the message is understood.

It is not confronting the stage but working from backstage until the day comes when you are truly worthy of a cheering crowd and an opening red curtain. It is saying I am a human being, then I am me, then I am a woman and perhaps then and only then you can say “I am a feminist”.

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