When A Society Induces Corruption

“Pakistan has awesome four weathers…. each weather has its own peculiarity to enjoy with holidays breaks, outing and seasonal fruit etc”, such clichés are shared by affluent people.

I can’t remember hearing this from a family who has been struggling for basic needs. Now basic needs have a different definition for different segments of society.


I was wondering if any state head or any head of a financial institution has ever gone through a situation where he is earning mere subsistence amount to run their family.

Recently I had been trying to understand the connection between corruption and bad financial planning. I am not an economist nor a scholar but a common citizen. I had been struggling to find out why people go for corruption.

I am not talking about the corruption of elite or so called big names. I am only talking about people who earn small and have entire families to support.

Quite recently I had a change to go through salary slip of a man who had monthly income Rs. 12,000. He has school going children, old parents on regular medicine along with all basic needs of food, health and education.

Sadly, the poor guy with mere Rs. 12000 salary was not paid for 8 months by his organization citing different reasons. Now the question is that if he has not received his monthly salary for last about a year, how he will be managing necessary expanses of his family including attending the travel cost for attending his office on daily basis.

Every now and then we hear those at the top in the government announcing development packages worth billions of rupees which is good but Reyast e Madina says “Mazdoor ki aujraat us ka paseena sokhny say phaly do”.

Prime Minister Imran Khan keeps talking about poor people, which is good BUT is that enough-. who will be looking into small issues of non-payments of salaries to thousands of people like the man I have mentioned. Would this lead them towards corruption?.

Thinking little deeper on plight of such people gave me an idea how corruption starts from the bottom level. When a Rs. 12000 payee will not get his monthly salary and he has all his family to look after by all means, he will try to meet the expanses either by borrowing or by using any means you may call them corruption.

Do these people have any other options? I put forward this innocent question before the policy makers for simple and straight forward reply.

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