A Mother’s Tip for Mothers in Times of Global Emergency

Though I try my level best to stay positive and be a smart mother yet this sudden family lockdown has won over my temperament.

It was only two weeks ago that I never failed preaching people to stay positive even during the hardest times and now it is quite shocking for me to see this frustrated side of my personality while dealing with toddlers at my home.


It is countless times that I have been scolded by my mother for being ungrateful to be blessed with the kids at home.

Nevertheless, I continue complaining about how Covid-19 has specially attacked mothers and how helpless are they in this situation when they have to manage everything.

Yes, I mean it when I say “Everything including cute little hands knocking at even your bathroom door!”

So this continued till I came across this therapy suggested by my cousin who practices child psychology abroad.

On being bombarded with my motherly rants and upside down routine of my kids these days, she after calming me down with her counseling wand, not only suggested me some effective activities rather asked me to prepare a “Reward Chart” to ensure that the children follow the planned routine.

So here is the gist of the whole story! This reward chart, she proposed was actually a chart, a paper or any sheet with rows mentioning the expectations from your kids and the columns, their names respectively.

My rows titled as table manners, offering prayers, reading time and listening in one voice.

So, the children get one golden star for following each instruction and they get a black one if they disobey.

But the mother has to make sure that she takes it seriously and marks the stars responsibly so the children would also pay heed to it.

To be honest, the idea did not attract me apparently but it is doing wonders.

I just tried it as a last resort but it has positive results. The children are now not only in healthy competition but they are also making sure that their golden stars are more in number so they may win a gift in the end.

You may modify it to suit your needs like my chart will have different expectations for the next month but not to forget few tips while you set the expectations.

Firstly, start with the baby steps and set little tasks so the followers may not lose motivation in the middle of the run.

Secondly, you should not always be pointing out the mistakes loudly for it may demotivate any one of the competitor and he may choose to leave the game. Lastly, try to add more golden stars ignoring the slips from the kids so they may stay hopeful to achieve the prize.

Parenting is undeniably hectic and laborious but it can become fun through little smartness and it is specially needed when kids and parents are locked down at home for an unexpected period of time.

Hope we all stay safe and sane in this catastrophic scenario.

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