Marriyum flays PTI regime for pinning blackout on PML-N Govt

Marriyum Aurangzeb - The News Today-TNT

ISLAMABAD: Marriyum Aurangzeb, spokesperson of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) termed the press conference on power breakdown of federal ministers a bulletin of lies, saying that not just electricity but every sector of the country had broken down ever since the incompetent and disastrous PTI government was imposed on Pakistan.

In a statement Marriyum said the PTI government had become so habitual of blaming everything on PMLN and the opposition that although they still had no idea what caused the breakdown yet they were shamelessly blaming it on the PMLN government of the past.

In his response to the press conference of the federal ministers, the PM-N spokesperson questioned that up to 25,000 megawatts of electricity was being supplied by Nawaz Sharif in the summer, but when the PTI’s incompetence caused a breakdown of this system all of a sudden this government starts blaming it on Nawaz Sharif’s mistake.

The system was working great when it was handling maximum load in summers and during wintertime when the load is less than half, it crashed due to Nawaz Sharif, she questioned.

She said those who couldn’t install a single megawatt for the past 8 years in KPK province and 3 years in the federal government had the audacity of shamelessly blaming Nawaz Sharif for the breakdown.

Nawaz Sharif saved the nation from 18-hour load shedding, installed new power plants. If the transmission system was bad, then how did Imran Sahib’s 18-hour load shedding come to zero?

When the ruler is a thief, incompetent and incompetent, darkness becomes the destiny of the nation, she lambasted.

The PMLN Secretary Information said it won’t surprise the nation if Imran’s next statement comes out to be that Nawaz Sharif-installed power plants are blackmailing him.

She said ever since Imran Sahib came, everything has been breaking down from the national currency to the economy, employment, business, flour, sugar, food, Railways, PIA, FBR, Ministries, Institutions and the Foreign Policy.

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