One ton iron stolen from Islamabad Hindu temple site

ISLAMABAD: Around a ton of iron has allegedly been stolen from the site of under construction Hindu temple where police has been deputed to check continuous vandalism.

“Even after suspension of construction work at Kirshna temple Islamabad site and admin’s assurance that police has been posted there, unknown accused overpowered security guard and took away about a ton of iron last night. This is 4th time of trespass and vandalism/robbery”, Lalchand Malhi parliamentary secretary on Human Rights wrote on his twitter on Monday morning.


Videos of a young man have been making rounds who used foul language against Prime Minister Imran Khan for supporting construction of Mandir in the capital city. In one of the video he is being seen demolishing foundations of boundary wall.

Construction of boundary wall at the allotted land for Krishna Temple and cremation ground for Hindu community living in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, was started last month.

The inauguration of construction of boundary wall steered controversy across the country when some clerics issued decrees against construction of a temple in an “Islamic land”.

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After damages to the foundations of this under construction first Hindu’s worship place in sector H-9 by a mob of some unidentified youngsters, Islamabad Hindu Panchayat requested city’s administration to depute police force.

Islamabad Hindu Panchayat, in an emergency meeting announced to stop Krishna Temple construction work.

A number of incidents of harassment have been reported soon after the groundbreaking ceremony later last month.

After decree from some influential seminaries a big segment of the society believes that the construction of a new place of worship for non-muslim in a Muslim country is un-Islamic. Threatening posts and videos went viral.

A mob of unidentified youngsters showing aggression took control of the temple site on Friday and severely damaged foundations of under construction boundary wall of Hindu worship place.

The representation body of Hindu community in federal capital, Islamabad Hindu Panchayat submitted an application IHP/2020/008 to Deputy Commissioner of ICT seeking the security of the site of under construction Hindu’s worship place in sector H-9 Islamabad.

The ICT administration finally on Sunday deputed police force at the temple site to avoid the unpleasant incidents in future.

The Spokesperson of Capital Development Authority (CDA) believes that the construction of Hindu’s worship place at site allotted in sector H-9 was halted because of non-submission of under construction building’s map and plan. He was of the view that after submission of building map and some other paper formality, authority will be in position to allow construction on the site.

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Chairman CDA, Amir Ahmed Ali denied the debate on social media about halting the construction of Hindu Temple by the government was due to pressure of some aggressive segments of society.

While talking to local TV Channel, chairman CDA informed that authority’s officers would visit the site of temple today (Monday) to assess the construction place.

The parliamentary secretary on Human Rights, a parliamentarian Lalchand Malhi expressed the grief over unpleasant incidents soon after the groundbreaking of Hindu’s worship place in Islamabad.

Terming the recent incidents particularly demolishing the foundations of Krishna Temple by an aggressive segment of society as terrorism, Lalchand demanded from ICT administration to register the police case against the people involved in these incidents.

“The site of Hindu temple is the asset of the country as it was allotted by the government, the incident of demolishing temple site is the clear violation of constitution of country, which protects the rights of minorities and gives religious freedom to every citizen of Pakistan”, he maintained.

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