Iqra University partners with “Blackboard Learn”

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KARACHI: Iqra University has signed an agreement with a World’s Leading Learning Management System (LMS) “Blackboard Learn”, which would provide its students access to the worlds’ latest technological forum for both Online and Blended Learning.

The university has taken the initiative envisioning the digital needs of the post-modern academic world.

Being the first academic institute in Pakistan to heavily invest in the cause, Iqra claims to overcome any hurdle in the way of smooth teaching and learning in the Post-Covid scenario.

The major aim, as per the management, is to meet the needs of the time which Blackboard caters through its dynamic features.

The LMS has up-to-date, powerful, yet simple tools and workflows that help learners and instructors stay organized, easily take action, and engage with content and each other.

After COVID-19 pandemic hit the country which resulted in the closure of educational institutions,  Iqra University was among the first institutions to achieve milestone of delivery of online classes.

It stood tall amidst the most disastrous times, emphasizing maintaining the standards even in the online mode of education.

Iqra was able to shift from face-to-face to online mode by conducting more than twenty-five hundred courses from March this year.

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Now with the new initiative, the university would be equipped with “Blackboard Collaborator” that also has a facility for video streaming. The faculty, through this provision, will become independent of any third-party application for conducting online classes. Instead, the teachers can easily live stream on one click.

The university has announced that it will not charge any extra fee from the students for the new facility.

Unlike any other LMS, Blackboard will also provide non-stop assistance to the university as part of the agreement where the administration and faculty will be facilitated with technical assistance for enabling the unobstructed delivery of classes.

In addition to numerous vibrant features, Blackboard is designed with an aim to provide maximum student-engagement through discussion forums and networking features enabling the students to stay connected with the teachers.

Moreover, the system has user-friendly content development, assessment and grading tools vital for Online and Blended version where teachers can create, design, improvise or integrate the course content in any form such as videos, audios, reading resources (including online books and research papers from known publishers worldwide) etc. Similarly, the assessment and grading task can be conducted with ease through the provision of the latest tools.

Another contextual need is the track of student activity which can be easily monitored using the “student-activity reporting” feature available in the system. It can provide the overall as well as the individual report on the total amount of activity a user had in each course.

Along with the portfolios, digital badges, and achievements, of the enrolled students are another user-friendly features to make the life of teachers easy.

In conclusion, this pro-active approach in adapting “New Normal” by Iqra University has set a precedent in the educational sector of Pakistan.

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